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Thursday, April 17th, 2014


There is a greeting that is used by the Masai people of Africa- Kasserian Ingera. which means the children are well. Two days ago the headlines read in the Chicago Tribune, 36 people shot within the last 36 hours. In recent weeks in the city of Milwaukee a 2 year old and a 4 year old were shot accidently by random gunfire. This kind of violence is happening in urban communities around the country with many of the victims being young teenagers which conveys a reality in America that is far different that this Masai greeting. The children are not well. Many of our children today live with the fear that they will not live to see their 13th or 14th birthday because they live in neighborhoods where violence is a daily or nightly occurrence. The children are not well and this in a Nation where we say we value children or do we only value the children whose skin is not black or brown?

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Ken Wheeler is a retired pastor. He most recently served at Cross Lutheran Church, an ELCA congregation in Milwaukee, where he is now the director of the Bread of Healing Empowerment Ministry. For 18 years he was as an assistant to the bishop of the Greater Milwaukee Synod of the ELCA.